About Me

Hi, I am C. Brandon Butler :wave:,

As a self taught, then college educated, mobile developer, I started creating native projects but now work with Xamarin, MAUI, and Flutter. I have the ability to learn new tools quickly. When I am not making apps, I am trying to learn new programming techniques.

Tech Support & Mobile Developer, POS Management

2007 — 2017

While still attending highschool, I was brought onto this job to write a help file in HTML for the Marketplace Automation Point of Sale software. Mobile development interested me, so I bought a MacBook and a book about Objective-C. During my spare time I taught myself to program iOS applications and became the de-facto mobile developer of the company. There was also some interesting times spent writing a REST webservice in PHP.

Mobile Developer, Big Finish Productions

2015 — present

I began freelancing for Big Finish productions. They needed a mobile app for their audio drama content, I obliged by developing it in my free time. The relationship continues to this day.

Part-Time Student, Montcalm Community College

2015 — 2017

While still working for POS Management, I attended my local community college part time. The goal being to earn my general education credits before studying computer science.

Student, Central Michigan University

2017 — 2019

It was time to get serious and earn my bachelor's degree of computer science.

Mobile Applications Engineer II, DornerWorks

2020 — present

My first "real" job. DornerWorks needed a mobile engineer to develop mobile apps that integrated with embedded hardware. This is the dream job.