How To Join Multiple Gapless Audio Files

Recently I needed to be able to join multiple mp3 files together to create one giant file. The goal was to create an iTunes audiobook (.m4b) of a audio drama. Typically I would use AudioBook Builder to accomplish this. (Windows Alternative: Chapter and Verse)

The problem is if the files are formatted as mp3/m4a when you try to join the files you will hear small gaps between each track. This is REALLY BAD for audio drama. The one solution I came up with was to rip the CDs from iTunes but use the “join track” feature to create 1 giant file per disc.

alt text

This works great if you have the CDs, but what if you only have the compressed audio files?

Here is the solution: First use a program like XLD to batch convert the files to WAV or AIFF. Then use those files in AudioBook Builder to create your compiled file. When it is done there will be no gaps. 🙂

alt text

Alternatively, instead of using the “join track” feature in iTunes I would suggest ripping each track as a WAV or AIFF file then use AudioBook Builder.